Drill: 1 vs. 0 to 2 vs. 2 – Create Pressure

That's how your players learn to save the goal after losing the ball

Procedure: The forward on the right side can initiate a dribble and take a shot at any time. Upon the shot, the drill transitions into a 2v2 situation from the designated starting positions. The player who took the initial shot starts a dribble and attempts to reach the teammate positioned below. Scoring can be done through dribbling or shooting on the mini goal. Another red player also tries to prevent the attacking player from reaching their teammate. If the red team regains possession, they get a chance to take a shot.

Coaching Points: After the initial shot, the player should react immediately to the potential “ball loss” and apply pressure on the attacking player. The red player outside the field should also react and close passing lanes to the reachable teammate. This drill specifically emphasizes behavior after losing possession.

"Game-related individual training sessions like this one have a huge advantage: They are predictable for every player. So it's all about the intensity of the execution. Players can take part in it accordingly."
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Steven Turek

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From the Center Back Position

In this variation, everything remains as before, with the difference that the second red player does not come from the side but from behind the green player. This puts him more in the position of a central defender.

Without Goal

This variation is slightly easier after losing the ball. The green player above only targets his opponent. The mini goal as a target has been removed.



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