Drills: Passing in Groups – prevent counter attacks

That's how your players learn to save the goal after losing the ball

Procedure: In a marked field, three or more teams play with their respective balls. Each team also has two marked goals. Upon the trainer’s call, one team is activated. This team actively attacks their own goals (Variation: The goals of the opposing teams). All other teams leave their balls and try to prevent this. The procedure ends with a scored goal or when the defending teams regain possession of the ball.

Coaching points: The key to this game form lies in focusing attention before losing the ball. In two out of three cases, the trainer calls another team into action, so a constant awareness of the location of other balls and goals is extremely important. With the call, the trainer can highlight good or bad behavior.

"This drill enables the coach to intentional prepare his coaching. When you see a great position you let that stand out calling the color."
Pro Tip
Steven Turek

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