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From now on, Coach² will be conducting their projects and analysis using the video analysis software “Once”. Once, which also offers tagging and other modules, provides easy usability at affordable prices, even outside of professional football. “It is important for us to stay very close to amateur and youth football when choosing cooperation partners,” says Steven Turek. “After the recording, which is now very common, Once offers a very good editing package.”

Once enables easy and direct highlighting with attractive highlights.

Attractive Highlights

However, it’s not just Coach² that benefits from this cooperation, but “especially those who follow our media,” says Steven, “as we will enhance all upcoming projects with Once.”

But that’s not all. With the coupon code “Coach2,” trainers will receive a 10% discount on the various packages offered by Once.

Get 10% off with the code "Coach2"

With our exclusive discount code, you will receive a 10% discount on every package!


"The collaboration between Coach² Academy and can benefit football coaches by combining the educational resources and training methods of Coach² Academy with the video editing software provided by This is a win-win collaboration for coaches as it will result in clearer content, and they will have access to the ONCE Video Analyzer during the course. Together, we aim to equip coaches with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to enhance their coaching abilities and ultimately improve the performance of their teams."
Dalibor Čvek
"In our Masterclass Videotraining, we demonstrate how to easily and completely free of charge set highlights for video analysis. Our new partner, ONCE, not only significantly shortens this workflow but can also contribute to the players' learning success with highly attractive highlights."
Jonas Stephan
CEO Coach²

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Coach2 Once

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