Fußball Trainingsform - 4gg2pl2 auf 4gg2 I Druck ausüben

Small Sided Game: 4 vs. 2+2 to 4 vs. 2 – Creating Pressure

Press like Clops FC Liverpool - An attractive Drill

Procedure: The possession team, represented by the green team in this example, plays 4 against 2 red players. After a certain number of passes, they must reach the upper positioned orange team. The remaining red players defend the lines to prevent this. If the red team wins the ball, they play it to the orange team themselves, and the green team becomes the defensive team. A competition can be organized using the three teams.

Coaching Points: Particularly, the central players must exhibit maximum attention off the ball to anticipate and intercept passing lanes. It is beneficial to draw a connection to the 11v11 game. Intercepting a pass is the best way to regain possession.

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