Game-Like Individual Training: 1 vs. 1 +2 – Create Pressure

That's how your players learn to save the goal after losing the ball

Procedure: Two fields are marked with a small corridor in between. In each field, there is one player, and two more are in the corridor. Outside, there are two defenders on each side ready to press. When the ball is passed into a field, 3 versus 1 is played in that field. The goal is to complete 4 passes. A defender’s touch on the ball is enough to regain possession. Once the action is completed in one field, a ball is immediately played into the other field. The teams switch roles after a certain time.

Coaching points: The coach determines the game tempo through the passes, even for the team in possession. This allows for generating short, intense phases for both teams. Especially, the brief moment when the ball carrier is still alone is a good time to apply pressure.

"These small forms are particularly suitable at the beginning of a unit to directly establish sprints, attention and intensity."
Pro Tip
Jonas Stephan

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