Small Sided Games: 3×4 Passing Drill – Creating Pressure

Being perfectly prepared when losing the ball

Procedure: In the playing field, several teams are playing and passing a ball amongst themselves. Different numbers of mini goals are placed outside the field. Upon the trainer’s command (when he calls out a color), that team is activated and plays towards the goals. The remaining teams try to defend against this and leave their current ball.

However, the trainer can also call out two colors or activate the defensive team with a command. This allows for numerous variations. It is also possible to designate two teams to play in ball possession while the third team defends and counterattacks.

Coaching points: In this game format, orientation while the ball is in play and the trainer has not yet determined the teams is crucial. At all times, each player must know where the other balls are and what is happening around them in order to make the best possible decision and execute it as quickly as possible.

"These types of games are perfect for overstraining the players' attention. They have to keep an eye on several balls and different teams at all times."
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Jonas Stephan

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