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Small Sided Game: 4 vs. 4+3 – Saving The Goal

That's how your players learn to save the goal after losing the ball

Procedure: 4 against 4 plus 3 players are played in the marked central field, with the additional players serving as neutral players. Various rules can be applied in ball possession, such as counting the number of passes to earn a point. After a ball is won, the defending team plays towards all four mini goals, with the neutral players aiding them. The next possession then goes to the team that executed the counter-attack.

Coaching Points: Due to the ability to counter in all four directions, pressing after losing the ball is significantly more challenging compared to regular gameplay. The only way to prevent this, even when facing numerical superiority, is to apply direct pressure on the ball carrier. Coaching may also include the option of tactical fouling.

"With this idea, every classic 'Rondo' can be expanded or the focus changed. The team usually already knows the form of the game and only has to accept one more rule."
Pro Tip
Jonas Stephan

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