Small sided game: 4 vs. 4+4 “New Balls” – Creating Pressure

That's how your players learn to save the goal after losing the ball

Procedure: Inside the field, a regular 4 versus 4 game is played. The team that scores a goal retains the attacking right. Outside the field, there are an additional 8 players positioned, each with a ball at their feet. Upon the trainer’s command, an outside player plays a new ball into the field. The player can freely decide where to play the ball.

Coaching points: The constant danger of losing the ball leads to maximum attention from all players. Everyone, including players off the ball, must anticipate and directly counter or play out any potential counter-attacks at all times. The trainer controls the game with their calls, rewarding good positioning and exposing poor positioning.

"The coach plays a decisive role in such regulations. He recognizes certain positions of players and can reward them with shouts or prepare a coaching session."
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Jonas Stephan

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