Small Sided Game: 5+1 vs. 5 – Saving The Goal

That's how your players learn to save the goal after losing the ball

Procedure: After the trainer’s pass, a regular 5v5 game is played. A zone is set up in front of the mini-goals, similar to “Funinho,” which players are not allowed to enter. One player from the defending team waits in front of the goals and, upon winning the ball, becomes immediately unplayable and must not score a goal themselves. After winning the ball, the attacking team (in the example given, the green team) counters as a 6v5 situation.

Coaching points: Even when in possession of the ball, all players must always have “Plan B” in mind. They should position themselves in a way that they can immediately block the deep pass in case of a ball loss. On the other hand, immediate pressure must be applied around the ball loss situation to prevent the deep pass as well.

"This principle of the additional player, who only becomes active when the ball is won, can also be transferred to other group sizes!"
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Jonas Stephan

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