Become the best coach you can be!

The Coach² Academy is the online platform for football coaches who are on their way to becoming the best version of themselves. True to our motto “Better coaches for better players”, we regularly publish videos and articles on exciting topics. In doing so, we make our contribution to the continuous development of our beloved game.

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Coach² - Academy: Our Coaching Course

Our courses for trainer education and professional development are unique. They combine the benefits of modern online learning with a traditional trainer education in a distinctive way.

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Coach² - Coaching Course

Become the Best Coach you can be!

We offer you a complete coach education: from the basics of training to the development of focal points, the construction of training forms and entire training units to the concrete improvement of your players and, last but not least, yourself as a coach.

Advantages of our Coaches Education

Learning on Demand
12 Hours of Videos
Big Download Sections
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More than an Online-Course

Coach² is designed to empower you to quickly and easily apply content into practice. We don’t simply string modules together.

"Coach² takes new paths in digital and interactive learning – a novelty for professional, targeted, and personalized training work!"
Prof. Dr. Peter Frei
University of Hildesheim
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What Coaches say about Coach²

"Coach² brings a touch of uniqueness and always appears comprehensive and detailed. I thoroughly enjoyed the online course because the content is rarely covered in published literature, and despite the multitude of highly interesting and enriching aspects, the delivery remains concise and precise."
Benjamin Duda
Head Coach VfB Oldenburg
"I debated with myself for a long time about whether I should proceed due to the price. However, rarely has a course been as worth the money as this one. Superb content, excellently presented, and the book recommendations and additional links provided an abundance of new perspectives. Thank you so much!"
Steffen Sauerteig
"Coach² offers football trainers the opportunity to expand their knowledge online, enabling targeted talent development and qualified training."
Norbert Elgert
Norbert Elgert
Head Coach U19 Schalke 04
"Coach² - the best trainer program. The philosophy of trainer education provided by Coach² sets a clear direction that is evident throughout all the modules, with content revolving around it in a comprehensible manner. To pass the module exams, one must watch the videos at least partially for a second time – learning through repetition, perhaps intentionally designed to help reinforce the learned material in the brain. Highly recommended!"
Stefan Wetzel
"We have been searching long and intensively for a way to further develop our trainers, who are the key to player development for us. With Coach², we can develop a unified philosophy and provide our players with the best possible training!"
Roberto Cerro
Youth Coach
"We, at SV Großefehn, are proud to have acquired the first club license from Coach². Even after completing the initial modules, it is evident that our youth will benefit from new ideas. With the well-prepared theory, practical guidance, and recommended books for further exploration, Coach² becomes an idea-generating machine through group discussions."
Tamme Bölts
SV Großefehn

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The Coach² Academy publishes weekly videos on YouTube. 

From match analyses and player profiles to further content on coach education and the MasterClasses: here you get the best content in typical Coach² style. 



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Our Blog & Drills Library

Our Blog

Regularly, in connection with our videos, courses, and our love for football, we provide you with intriguing content on our blog. Whether it’s a summary of Mourinho’s career, an analysis of the Champions League, or a broader perspective – there’s something for everyone!


As per our training, we’ve curated a library of playing formations just for you! Organized according to the four phases of play and our principles, you’ll find inspiration for your training sessions!

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